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Topic: System transfer losses

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Nope its not possible. Its all or nothing meaning that if you transfer over the Ambassador games you also transfer over the streetpass data as well.

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IanAlbarn wrote:

If I want to transfer Ambassador games from a used 3ds I bough online to my 3DS XL, but I want my streetpass data... is it posible not to transfer the ambassador mii plaza and all that things?

You could transfer the data from your XL to the ambassador 3DS, that way you would keep your "identity" and the games would be added to your eshop catalogue.

From there you could keep playing with that 3DS or transfer everything back to your XL or another newer 3DS.

That will use up two of your transfers. Not sure what's the limit though.

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Thanks! I just thought about that too after searching a lot of info about system transfer. The limiit is five, if you wanted to know.




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Now, what happens to the Nintendo Network ID?

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Sherman wrote:

Now, what happens to the Nintendo Network ID?

it gets transferred along everything else

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