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So without swapnote the only way i'm supposed to interact with my friends is through the friendlist status?

Miiverse better come asap.

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mystman12 wrote:

One thing I want to say is, I completely understand and respect Nintendo's reasons for doing this, and that is one of the reasons Nintendo is such a great company. Nintendo actually cares about their customers and doesn't want any one to be hurt by their products, but Nintendo just took the worst possible route to take care of the issue. Taking Spot Pass down was bad enough, but without any warning? I think that made it 10 times worse! Reading through here made me realize there are a LOT more people who randomly met at places and then became good friends through Swap Note, and now they've completely lost contact without warning. Hopefully Nintendo will make the app come back using NNIDs, or maybe they could at least turn it back on for a week. I'm really sorry for everyone who may have lost friends because of this, and I hope you can find another way to contact each other.

When I found out Swapnote was cancelled... I felt a rush of anger and sadness rush through my entire body.
This is freaking terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The fact this has occurred is exactly what's wrong with society nowadays.

Instead of having parents and families actually watch over what their kids do and teach them to avoid idiots and not do stupid things, companies and government are stepping in and doing it for them.

Dear parents. If your kids get 'offensive' messages through SwapNote, just tell them to remove said individual from their friends list. Don't go whining to Nintendo about your terrible parenting.

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CM30 wrote:

Dear parents. If your kids get 'offensive' messages through SwapNote, just tell them to remove said individual from their friends list. Don't go whining to Nintendo about your terrible parenting.

And don't sue the companies for "allowing" such interaction while we're at it

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Well, I'm just gonna back up my save data and delete the app, I guess... it doesn't really need to be sitting there taking up space on the home menu... R.I.P, Swapnote...

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You should all have a little more respect for Nintendad >:{

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They can take away our penis drawings, but they can't take away our freedom.

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I rarely use Swapnote these days, but not having it anymore due to something that happens on every online service is a pathetic move if you ask me. Typical Nintendo.

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LordGeovanni wrote:

A service that allows you to write messages, send sounds, pictures, and collect free backgrounds to write on is bad? Even when it is COMPLETELY FREE? I think that you haven't used this program much... especially when some of the people commenting were actual Game Creators with a witty response or an advert for the new game...

I've used Swapnote since the day it was released, and I continued to use it until yesterday. I check my notes every single time I saw that little blue icon, thank you very much.

Sooo... your response to us being upset that the app was pulled due to being misused is saying that we should have misused the app before hand? (Sending email addressess through SwapNote would be sending personal information...)

Since when is an email address personal information? You need one to sign into this very site. Emails do exactly what Swapnote did, and better. The only difference is with emails you can communicate more effectively since they're not handwritten and don't have an "ink limit". If people send you rude content via emails you can just block them. End of story. And email service is free as well.


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if there is an petition to bring swapnote back, please give me a call and i will support it.

what were you thinking nintendo?! :/

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F this. I'm sorry but you have to shut the WHOLE thing down?! It's unnecessary. Let the parents take the responsibilty, its the internet. This won't save those same kids from getting drunk in high and High School cause their parents let them leave the house the 3 days straight on weekends. Most kids today are absolute scum, that's their parents fault, not Nintendo's. This is coming from an 18 year old. I'm sorry Nintendo, but this is garbage.

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Well the app's useless to me now. I sent my friends pics of my drawings from Art Academy and also real photos of my stuff and/or stuff outside like a cute doggie, and now that I can't do this, there's no point to Swapnote anymore. Lame.



No way do I believe it took them this long to care that people could misuse this software unless someone sued them over it and forced them to get rid of it. They probably just want to phase it out. Still, this whole thing would have been easier to swallow if they'd given us some warning and a date for miiverse becoming available.

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the good side: my cousin won't send me more Pokémon X pics and I'll delete swapnote to open more space in my SD card.
the bad side: they didn't wait to release Miiverse or Flipnote 3D before cancelling SwapNote.... to tell the truth I was more upset when they stopped the Kid Icarus Uprising spotpass gems. the only big mistake Nintendo did with SwapNote was the timing(before Miiverse or Flipnote, leaving nothing to take its place)

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Well, most of my SwapNote friends came from 1 of the pages herein these forums, I believe, otherwise i'd pretty much have 0. I haven't deleted it yet, though. I'm hoping this is just a temporary thing. If they do decide to use MiiVerse in place, though, I really do ope at some point they'd add the colored pens like SwapNote had, to both 3DS and Wii U, but not locked to 1 final color when it's set to be seen. Drawings or whatever should be colorful.

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What is this? I wake up this morning trying to contact my animal crossing new leaf friends from japan on swapnote and it says my spotpass was disabled. So I checked my settings and everything was fine and when I returned back to swapnote it says its discontinued! Why is this a punishment for all the innocent people worldwide? I thought they may have a block service for individual users who are being inappropriate. We should not all be punished for this. Swapnote was basically all we had to contact our friends who we are not sharing the same video games with through wifi. I hope Nintendo could give us something else or another way to stay in touch with our friends. Also, I really hope they release Flipnote Memo soon for our region.



In the words of Andrew Eisen of Youtube: You have the tools parents, you just have to care enough to use them.


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goodbyes are a sad part of life but for every end there's a new beggining so one must never stop looking forward to the next dawn
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