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Swapdoodle or Swapnote is a free 3DS game from eShop where you can send messages and pictures to your friends. It is almost like miiverse. You'll have a tutorial mii to help you how to use it. Her name is Nikki. My advice is don't get rid of any of her messages. It will help you. You can share your 3DS friend code and message people.


3DS Friend Code: 1736-6848-1848 | My Nintendo: Elliott | Nintendo Network ID: ElliottBlack1


Elliot, I want to add you.

User is Anna.

My friend code is 1607-8446-9972



This is a duplicate thread revved up by the same user, they kept posting comments linking to the other thread, so i'll just lock this one. If you want to exchange codes in the other thread, post it here:

NL's #1 kangaroo fan of SpongeBob Squarepants and Ristar!

Aren't LUCARIO's paws adorable? (MOAR adorable than all of the Eevee'z)

Rev up those fryers! MY LEG!

Also created Sheldon & Mr. Randoms on flipnote hatena, it was a series which I MADE!

I'M SwElLtAsTiC!

Switch Friend Code: SW-2240-6609-5332 | 3DS Friend Code: 5429-9754-3617 | Nintendo Network ID: SheldonRandoms


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