Topic: Super Street Fighter IV: which view do you use?

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Do you use the classic side view or the over-the-shoulder view?

Since it's a 3D (i.e. a polygonal) fighter, I set it for OTS.

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Standard view all the way.

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I don't see why anyone would use the OTS view The standard view is much easier to use.

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For me, Dynamic Mode is just a tech demo to show off to people. The 3D effect is much stronger, but the gameplay is not as good.

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the standard 2d mode with 3d turned off. I can't follow the gameplay if it is ots.

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Yup, the dynamic mode is basically just a tech demo, just a 3D showcase...Which I find next to impossible to play.
And who here disables 2D mode in the option Menu just so they can play in 60fps? For some reason I don't, maybe that's because you can't play anbody online in 60fps....Bummer! It would of been nice if Capcom included the option to do so in the Online custom match.

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What I meant by 3D is that it resembles Virtua Fighter (arcade) or Tekken.

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So nobody here kick azz online with ots view?

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Nope: I use standard.

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