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I was thinking about it but, what if Nintendo decided to make the next super smash bros game on the 3DS?
This does seem to be the best idea for Nintendo,s next Super Smash bros game because it would seem to make enough sense why it would be great.

Example: Link gets smashed out of the screen from Mario and making it 3D as Link flys out the screen. Which that would be pretty cool because thats something that could give super smash fans an excitement look to something new. I would,nt think of it as a remake of N64 super smash. I would think of it as a ALL new super smash game with all new stages in the game with alot of characters from all the other super smash games. Also atleast 10 new characters. And even all kinds of other things that could pop around in 3D super smash.

And for Nintendo to make it seem fare for every player in the 3D experience, let them have the option to either have 3D On or Off in the Super Smash option mode. Also it probably would,nt be too bad to make it a remake of the N64 instead and still have it made in 3DS.

I would expect alot more new stages for it but for right now they may have to wait for right now as Nintendo keeps up with making new Nintendo games and adding them as trophies in the new super smash bros game.

Please l would love some Nintendo news to come to my Email.


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