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Yea I thought it was strange first too but then I watched further.


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Nintendogs stage blocks fall from top of the screen, also things like hamburgers.

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After getting back from Smash Fest today, I was impressed with Smash Bros. 3DS, though it did take some getting used to playing Super Smash Bros. on a handheld. Still, the game runs very smoothly and plays well. Smash Run will be very interesting with what little I got to play it. It was very hectic, but interesting with all the Nintendo enemies. I mainly just saw Kid Icarus and Mario enemies, and maybe one from Metroid.

The only stages I played were Reset Bomb Forest twice, Rainbow Road, and Golden Plains. Reset Bomb Forest has you playing in the level where the reset bomb wipes out human armies. After a while, Viridi flashes up on the screen and then leaves before a reset bomb explodes and creates the forest. The platforms then change and some enemies appear as hazards. Golden Plains from New Super Mario Bros. 2 was pretty cool because of collecting all the coins and giving you that golden power-up.

If I go back Saturday, I would surely try to go deeper into Smash Run and try the other stages!

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So, I went to the Smash Fest, and they actually had the 3DS version playable there! I have no idea how many places did this because it was never announced that they would have that version playable, so I guess I got really lucky. Even more lucky was that they only let you play one mode, and it was Smash Run! It looks great, feels great, and plays great! The first time I tried I was Greninja, so I did pretty bad cause I had no idea how to use him. So the next time I tried I was Luigi (My main) and did much better. Its definitely a fun mode, but one thing that worries me is that, even when it appeared a computer and I were in the same area, (On the map) I never actually saw any other players. One of the things that made City Trial so great was being able to attack or mess with other players during the first part. Of course, this is an unfinished build, so you know, anything can change. I also heard Greninja's voice a little, not sure I like it. I still need to hear it better first though.

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Unlockable skins? Gold mario, silver luigi, ect

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So I got to play the 3DS version at Smash Fest today (The wait for the Wii U version was waaaay too long) and I gotta say, I'm very impressed! The game took a little time getting used to with the new button layout but it works well. The physics are definitely faster and every punch seems to hit harder. Mario in particular has received some massive buffs. The 3D also looks very nice and the frame rate is smooth as silk. All in all, I can't wait for Smash 3DS!

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I just noted how similar Smash run is to City trial from kirby air ride.

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"The goddess is up to bat for the Home-run Contest, a returning mini-game on the 3DS version! It's been streamlined with added features here and there, like sturdier glass and doubled speed for long hits. You can also have fun comparing your rankings for this mini-game with your Global Smash Power."



After playing the 3DS version at Smash Fest, I'm looking forward to it even more. I was originally worried about how playing Smash on a handheld would work in terms of control. It actually felt good, better than I thought it would. The controls weren't set to my liking, but once I got used to it a bit I was playing just as well as on the Wii U version. Honestly, playing this on the original 3DS as opposed to the XL would probably be unpleasant. I was pleased with how close the two versions felt when playing. Everything feels almost exactly the same as it does on the Wii U version, which I like. There were also some characters not available on the Wii U version: Yoshi, Luigi, Toon Link, and Shiek. However, some of the characters on the Wii U version were not present on the 3DS version, most likely to compensate. I didn't play Smash Run, nor was I sure it was even available to play since I didn't really experiment with the menus. I did play some standard fights though.

-There were 3 demo units available, and they were able to connect to each other for multiplayer.
-The character select area is on the top screen, and info such as the selected characters, CPU lvl, and such is featured on the touch screen. The touch screen itself is fully usable here, but you can also move your player hand down from the top screen to do things with the buttons instead of tapping the screen.
-When you have selected your character and stage, you enter a practice area with Sandbag like in online play in Brawl. Once all players are ready, the match can start.
-CPU opponents were fully usable, and were a great way to get ahold of the characters and controls, and also just to play with if nobody else was trying to play multiplayer.
-I did get to see some Final Smashes, including some I already saw on Wii U such as Mega Man's and Villager's. Luigi's new Poltergust Final Smash works a lot like the one Zero Suit Samus had in Brawl, as it's a somewhat close range attack. He waves the vacuum all around him sucking up any nearby characters. He then spits them all back out which launches them to a possible K.O. It's over fairly quickly, and has a pretty short range. I do like it, though, and it fits better than the Negative Zone. Toon Link's, unfortunately, is still exactly the same. I didn't try out Yoshi or Sheik, so I'm not sure on those.
-The 3D effect was turned off for the majority of the time, but I did flip it on for a while out of curiousity. I didn't notice it all that much, but that could just be because I was focusing on enjoying the game. I'm sure the new "screen-plants" the characters sometimes do would look great with it.

I love the time I spent with it. The wait for the Wii U version will get a lot easier once I have the 3DS version in my hands. This is looking to be a top notch first portable outing for the series, but I already figured that to be the case anyway.

That is all.

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It's good to finally see more people excited for this version.


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Did anyone see toon links final smash? Is it the same thing?

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Nintendo6400 wrote:

Did anyone see toon links final smash? Is it the same thing?

MegaStoneSmash91 mentioned his final smash and yes it is.

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I honestly thought the goddess and the pacman (Yay!!!) was a fluke. I thought the last character announced would be Greninja. I'm starting to doubt Chrom's arrival less and less now.XD (Although, my doubts are still somewhat high)

@Nintendo 6400 I hope not.

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What single-player mode do you think this is?



What's the third logo in that picture?

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Oh right.. Got a bit thrown off by the red coloring

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