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Super Mario 3D Land could possibly be one of the funnest and most addicting games I've played since the late 90's. I've spent hours on this game trying to find every "star coin" in every level while replaying levels I've enjoyed over and over again, and don't even get me started on the special worlds which are both exciting and challenging to play. This game truly deserves every bit of positive press it received and it a true masterpiece within the annals of video gaming, I would say that this is the best Super Mario game since Super Mario 64 and deserves a spot in any and every 3DS owners library. If you don't own this game and yet you are in possession of a 3DS.......shame on you.

I agree to that; it's an excellent game on and on >> and very at home on a portable system

Now with 3D World out; it seens the developers perfected the formula and added lots of new ideas. I'm planning now on getting a WiiU > and thats much to the whole satisfaction i've got with 3D Land.

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Its really good fun to play through. But I hate how simple and easy it is... However I must say it has that charm that's been missing from Mario games. I haven't played it in ages and I got it last year I think... Definitely worth the money.

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I think the game was easy to a certain extent, after a while it increased in difficulty and I felt the ships and castles eventually became difficult. The real difficulty came in getting 100% star coin completion, it was challenging yet fun and really gave this game a remarkable replay value.

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I would expect it to be since its on a more powerful console and having been released 2 years later, but I will always adore and love Super Mario 3D Land thanks to the hours and hours of extreme fun the game has given me on my 3DS. It's amazing!

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