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Calling all 3DS owners in the Greater Sudbury Area! I have been thinking for quite some time about how great it would be to have a group for us gamers; more specifically 3DS owners. It would seem that Nintendo’s focus on the 3DS system is for local play, and community. Playing with your friends and meeting people through street pass.

I really enjoy playing my 3DS, but something is missing. Without the online connectivity, or a way to communicate with one another, it just feels lonely. I think a local group of people meeting up and gaming out on our handhelds would be a great idea. Would be a great way to meet new people and make new friends.

I will be honest here, I don’t have many friends… you know how it is when you finish high school; you just stop talking to most people. Some people just don’t game out as much either, they kind of change into the “working for the weekend” type. Just making it to the weekend to drink it away… Not my idea of a fun time.

I believe in bringing back the old ways of gaming. It was easy back in high school because you had your group of gamers you would feel at home with… But afterward, people change, stop talking, or move cities. I believe it’s time Sudbury of all places should have a community of gamers! Because let’s face it… This place is terrible, and there isn’t anything to do!

I am hoping that a fair share of people from Sudbury read the forums I will be posting this message on. Even if there are only a few of you… It just takes a few to spread the word!

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TL:DR – Starting a 3DS group locally in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

I apologize to moderators if this is not the place for such a post, I have no idea where I would post this; seeing as I haven't seen anyone try to make a local group for 3DS anywhere...


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