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so I was wondering....
If I close my 3ds top screen to put it in sleep mode when Im playing a regular DS game, will the streetpass work ?
will the pedometer work ?

Because i just got this RPG, Diasgaea DS, and I know so well that some fights will not end at the end of my bus ride, and I will have to close the screen for a walk.
I'd hate to miss streetpass opportunities, or not use my pedometer. (play coins!) while walking to work. that's where i got most of my hits, and that's where i get most of my coins.

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Well, i just tried it myself.

The pedometer still works while playing DS games, and you still get coins.

About streetpass.... I am afraid i can't answer that.
All i can say is that the wireless light is still turned on when you play DS games, but when you turn it off you can't turn it on again.

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streetpass doesn't work while playing ds games. I can confirm that.



I can confirm that yes, StreetPass and the pedometer both work if it's closed on a DS game. walk without fear :3

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