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Street Pass still stinks! Why not just take that effort and program online experiences which people can play with people they know instead of strangers. I still don't get Nintendo who continues to do online the wrong way. Street pass promotes strangers play and having to go out to a local business of some kind to achieve street passes. If you get one street pass from just walking down the street is a miracle. Oh if you worked at Nintendo Headquarters you would get a bunch of street passes. That's probably why Nintendo thinks street pass is this huge success. It stinks and always will stink unless you make an effort to make it work and head to McDonalds or some place that has att WiFi. I got all caught up in it a year ago but now I don't even give it a thought. I would like to play those games I downloaded which require street pass but I'm not willing to put that kind of effort in anymore to make it work. Seriously hooking up with strangers instead of friends come on man! I also had 10 real life friends who I talked to a lot using Swapnote and they scrap that for a clunky and slow MiiVerse app which again strangers see everything you post. Sometimes you want to just have a conversation with a friend that whole world doesn't have to read. I'm not talking about bad things either which is what Nintendo dropped swapnote for or claims the reason swapnote was scrapped.

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@Jayruta and anyone else having the problem of only getting 3 tags from the relays: set up streetpass for an additional title (3DS Sound or Rusty's Real Deal Baseball if you haven't bought any other streetpass games). There seems to be a glitch with the relays with whatever the last title is that you set up for streetpass, such that you only get 3 instead of 6 tags for the plaza or 0 instead of 1 tag for other streetpass titles, so basically whatever title you don't care about getting tags from the relays for should be the one you set up last.


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