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Im just wondering, curiosity really....when walking around with your streetpass enabled have you passed by many people who also has streetpass enabled? iv taken my 3ds everywhere and highly populated places and still had no streetpass visits. im desperate to get some and was just wondering if people have had much luck with it?



Depends on where u live if u live in a big city u might get some. I live in UK and went to London and got hardly any I think it all comes down to whether people are using there 3ds correctly. Also most people prefer to use there mobile phones, and which re destroying the handheld community sadly.
It seems that unless your a child no adult would be seen dead with the DS I take mine everywhere and I'm 33.
The other problem is with street pass is it was designed with the Japanese in mind a country who loves gaming I bet if u went there u would get 100's of street passes

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Hi. I note you're from the UK. I live in Derbyshire, and I've had a 3DS since launch day a couple of years ago. I've had a total of about 35 Streetpasses in all. But I don't take my 3DS with me every time I go to a town, and I don't go in to town that regularly (retired, sorry ~coughs~).
I think if you live/work in a good size town it's probably well worth persisting, but there are lots of 3DS owners all over the world in medium sized towns who find they get passes fairly infrequently. I have found one place to pick up a pass fairly frequently is a Game or other store selling Nintendo games. I'll often get a pass from someone who works in the store and has their 3DS with them, or a customer of course.
One of my first games was Nintendogs and Cats, and it was fun getting Streetpasses from other players and their dogs, who you then meet while out walking your own pup in the game. I have got passes without the game insitu (based on the Save file I presume), but in general I think it's better to have the game in your console in sleep mode. You can tell whether you have a Streetpass contact because the green light on the top right of the console comes on. It's best to wait to investigate until you have time to yourself, because if you want to utilise the streetpass Mii in the Mii Plaza RPG game you have to do that at the same time you greet them in the Plaza. Otherwise you lose that opportunity - not that I've ever had a Streetpass Mii be of much use in that. I've played most of my way through the RPG by purchasing helper cats or dogs with play coins. Collecting play coins is good compensation for not getting many Streetpass hits. I'm giving links below to a Streetpass Forum from this site which started with the new 3DS a couple of years ago which you may find useful and interesting (I saved it as a favourite because it isn't always easy to find what you want when interest lags in a useful forum).

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I believe I have 50 something people in my plaza.

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I might get a few when i`m walking around my local high street. but it`s never really going to be in huge numbers.
i`ve said this before in other threads. the best places to go to are fan conventions. anything that involves video games, sci-fi, anime, or comic books, you`re bound to get them in huge numbers.
others have also had luck at big sporting events and theme parks.
these things are worth going to if you enjoy what`s on offer and you`re able to cope with large crowds.
the other things that really need a mention, if you go out to one of the suggestions that i made above, remember to check your 3DS every 20 minutes or so, the 3DS will can only store 10 passes at a time and you need to clear those before you can get more. the other thing is to collect all of the central pink pieces from the larger puzzles first. most people stuggle to get these as they can`t be bought with play coins.

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got 13 Street pass hits. 12 of them from a Armageddon Expo. Shows how often I get a hit just walking along the street, NONE.

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I've had mine since launch, and I only have about 140 hits; maybe 110 unique hits. I work near a college, and a lot of my hits come when I'm passing the college or out at lunch time, when the college students are around. Malls and train stations are also great places to get hits.

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In all honesty it all depends where you live and what places you visit. I have had my 3DS since September of last year and the most I ever got at one time was 8 and that was the day after Christmas last year at my local Target. Since than I have taken mine to a theme park, and the mall and a few other places with heavy traffic and got no more than maybe 5.

But than again I have heard of people going to places like Disneyland and getting 100 or more. Its just mainly luck.

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Had mine about a year and a half now with an average of 1-2 passes per day and a plaza of 345 people. By the way I'm from Burlington North Carolina

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I've had mine since launch, and iirc I have 990 or so passes and maybe like 110-120 people in my plaza. Since I'm in high school, I can usually get at least 1-3 passes, if not more, per school day, but I've also gotten a bunch outside school. Like others have said, try going to places with a lot of people or where nerds tend to congregate like large stores, malls, cities, large events like music festivals and sporting events, anime conventions, etc. But it really comes down to luck.

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It's more difficult to get a street pass hit when you are in New Zealand. At least it is 4 me.

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I believe I have 460+ streetpasses, but that's mostly from 4 or 5 people I pass every day at school. I usually get at least one random streetpass every 2 weeks or so, usually in the car, or at the mall. I've stood in one place at the mall for a while, and gotten 5 or so streetpasses. I've gotten some streetpasses while stuck in traffic.

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Streetpasses are completely random. I can go weeks without one and then get several in a week. I got 2 yesterday at the movie theater. The best streetpassing week ever for me was at Disney World earlier this month, I got around 50 in a week, from several states and countries. I also got a couple at the airport flying back home.
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I've had very, very little luck getting StreetPasses in the UK. At best I get one or two on a visit to some place, with the most I've ever got at once being about ten. So if you're living over here, you might find it pretty difficult to get many of them.

From what I hear it's one of those features which only really works well if you either go to conventions or events, are a school or university student or live in Japan, so you're not the only one finding it hard to get any of them.

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Mostly when going to school i got 6-7 streetpass hits.

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I've never had one at WalMart but have at Target. I don't yet have any European countries, but I've had them from multiple Asian countries, South America, the Caribbean, and Central America, all without leaving the USA.
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Work in Leeds, UK. Carry my 3DS with me semi-regularly, have had 337 hits since June 2011.


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