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Hi everyone!
I was just wondering if anyone has gotten any street passes in the Montreal, Quebec area. I'm curious because i have taken my 3ds around and have so far come up empty since launch... I want some streetpass encounters!! Thanks,

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I haven`t been to Quebec, 'nor do I have a 3DS, but I have passed plenty of streets. Try going to Gamespot/EBGames.

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hey man. im from montreal surroundings. rive sud actually.

since i work in montreal, i roam around Bonaventure area everyday.
i met one guy yet, and wish to see more.

Maybe we will me some day. im open to meet during lunch hours. (i usually do my healt walk around mcgill street every day)
what would we do for that streetpass feature heh ? LOL

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There's been a few people trying to organize StreetPass groups in this existing thread, but idk if there's been anything for Montreal yet. :3

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