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Hey everyone! Are you a part of a local StreetPass group? If so, share your experiences here. Feel free to take any ideas that my group has had and adapt them to yours, and please share and suggest future events and tips for successful meetups.

I'm the admin/host of a StreetPass meetup group in a small city (not a small town; so there is enough of a gaming community to make it worthwhile). My group's function is to get together and StreetPass, exchange data, and play games together. So far, we've had monthly events three times now, going on a fourth and fifth, and the turnout has been decent but not amazing. It's rewarding when someone you've never met shows up. For advertisement, we make flyers, Swapnote ads, and the Facebook page is pretty active.

My first event was a Kid Icarus: Uprising tournament. Seven people show up. I had two $20 eShop cards as prizes. First, we played Free-for-all. First person to 20,000 points total was the winner. Next was Light vs. Dark, with people alternating teams. The first person to 10,000 points total will be the winner. It required teamwork for the greater good of ones self. The consolation prize for the guy in last place was... an eggplant.

My second event was a Mario Kart 7 tournament. The same guy who won BOTH prizes in Kid Icarus won this too.

My third event was more nontraditional. We played The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. Everyone started a new game file at the same time, and sat there and play under pressure until somebody got through the first three dungeons and pulled the Master Sword from its pedestal in the Temple of Time. Results were intense. The fellow in first place won by maybe ten seconds and took home a lot of Zelda-themed stuff.

I'm also starting to have Skype/online competitions. If anyone would like to have a SPGroup vs. SPGroup Mario Kart or Kid Icarus battle in the future, let me know.

My next major meet-up is going to be a Decathlon with ten mini-events at a local park. The main event is a Water Balloon Fight, as two of the trials involve NES/VC game Balloon Fight. Who can get the highest score on 1-Player? Who can get the highest score on Balloon Trip? (Not everyone is an Ambassador and has access to the game, but they can take turns using mine). Also at the event will be a Super Mario 3D Land speed run through certain levels, a Fire Emblem: Awakening chapter challenge, a Punch-Out!! knockout competition, New Super Mario Bros. 2 Coin Rush challenge, and something involving Luigi's Mansion.

So guys, please share your SP Community experiences!

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At least in the western US, nobody goes to those things, because only me and this other guy showed up to one. That's not much. I get more at school and the mall. Actually, there are tons of 3DS owners at the mall & school, so have it on if you go to school or are at the mall.
Edit: Well, you're really lucky. Plus I went before the price drop, so maybe more people in my city have one. Sounds fun if I lived where you did. I have a couple friends with a 3DS, so I've played one in Kid Icarus & Mario Kart 7.

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There are a few in the UK but mostly around London or the larger cities. In Milton Keynes I've managed to get a fair few StreetPasses at the shopping centre, not all of them from demo consoles in HMV and GAME! I get quite a few at work, sometimes between 2 and 3 a day but it's the same people and I never get new puzzle pieces. The biggest haul I got was when my wife went to London during the Olympics. I got maxed out the StreetPass limit twice over. I'm going to London today but I don't think I'll be that lucky.

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Sounds really kool actually - you really take it seriously. That can never be a bad thing. I'm in BRISTOL UK (woo) - does anyone know of a Streetpass Group here? Or does anyone want to set one up?


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@PK_Wonder Where do you live?

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