Topic: Have you ever met people using streetpass?

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So upon streetpassing someone it could be just another random person but there is an off chance that your streetpass buddy can actually meet up with you in real life or just meet up with that person! Did anyone else have that occasion?

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Was Mariobro4. No, I'm not taking off my's important.

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I've never had that happen to me because everyone in my school plays Microsoft games.

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The other day I finally saw a guy irl who I StreetPass with pretty regularly at work. I'm sure it was him, but I didn't want to say anything just in case it wasn't. Maybe next time...

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not quite understanding op but whatever...

the owner of some videogamestore here seems to always have his 3ds with him at work. i rarely go there so we have only met twice yet

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There were a few people at my school who regularly StreetPassed me, and I knew most of them. I also know of a guy who works at a local grocery store that has 2 3DSs with him, and all puzzle pieces ... don't know his face though.

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A few times on the bus routes, mainly at a streetpass meet up

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I once saw a little girl playing playing with a 3DS in a store.
I got a streetpass hit in that store from a girl so I guess it was her.

Other cases include streetpassing people I already know, like cousins and stuff.

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I haven't met anyone in real life who I StreetPass with but I know when i'm up and about, there are certain people I get StreetPasses at certain location during a specific time. Then, I got a new job working somewhere else and it's been very random with who I end up getting StreetPasses from.

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I've streetpassed the same guy at work a couple times. I think he's a customer actually. I work overnight so I usually only get a couple of street passes a week and only on Friday and Saturday night typically. This is when I've tagged this guy.

Also I know everyone at the store overnight and I'm pretty sure it is none of them lol

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Yeah, a few times at meetups where I had tagged the person before and then suddenly got to meet them in real life, sometimes because they had got my greeting advertising the meetup even. One time I was talking to an EB Games employee and suddenly I recognized his name/likeness matched up to a mii I had tagged elsewhere before: he seemed pretty surprised I recognized him from his mii, lol.

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Yes, many!! I usually meet people with 3DS's at my school. Sometimes we have Mario Kart racing competitions during study hall! And let me tell you, those guys are definatley NOT noobs.

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Almost everyone I streetpassed, I know them.. Most of my streetpasses were from fellow classmates at school..

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Aside from my friend and his younger bro, nope.
There have been times when I streetpassed in Uni, and questioned who they were. There's even times where I streetpass this one guy on the way to my friend's house. 4 times so far but I don't know him. Might live near my house.

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There are a couple of people that I've gotten tags from multiple times, but I've never met any of them in person.


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I work in a hotel and Carry my 3DS on me everyday to count my foot steps I get in about 15,000 steps a day doing what I do. But that aside, I get about 8 streetpass hits a year. I am very disappointed with streetpass. I work in an area you would think I get a bunch. I once passed a guy who had his 3DS out and I asked him if he had streetpass turned on. His reply back was "Streetpass is stupid". I have thought about running a Las Vegas Street pass event out of Craigslist at a local library but that might get a little creepy. they would show up and say That is one crazy old man LOL. Personally I think it would be a blast and still might try this at some point

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I attempted to while I was school this past semester. There were a couple ppl who I'd get almost every day in classes (classes were just twice a week). But they would never answer my personal msg of what class they were in... >_>

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I actually met a good friend though streetpass. We streetpassed and remembered each other because we share the same birthday. When I saw him playing his, I took my 3DS out, and waited until we streetpassed. In that time, I learned his name, remembered the mysterious birthday streetpass, asked him if his birthday was [enter month here] / [enter date here]. Scared him, then told him who Knuckles really was. I use an accurately made Knuckles Mii with the name of Knuckes, so no one knows it is me until I tell them.

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