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I think that I have decided to purchase Steel Diver sometime later in December or early next year. It looks really fun and intriguing. Who has Steel Diver? What do you think?

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i highly recommend you to do not buy steeldiver there are much better games than steeldiver. in the begin it looks fun and then after 10 minutes the game is over...

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I rented it when it came out. The periscope mode was kinda fun, but I found the rest of the game to be pretty bland, and as others have said, it's really short.

I don't know what your budget is, but both Samurai Warriors: Chronicles, & Dead or Alive Dimensions can be easily found now for $20 or less, and would be much better purchases, IMO.

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I got it for $5.

It's only short if you blast though. Completionists will have a much better time.

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I always wanted to get it(mainly for that 3D boxart),but I never did get it.
I heard it was a okay game,but it's very short and samey,if you can find it under a tenner,I'd get it.

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I'm actually enjoying Steel Diver. A lot more so than a few of the other 3DS launch titles such as SSFIV 3D, Monkey Ball and Nintendog's + Cats.
The best experience with the game that you'll get is with the quicker controlling Manitee. the Blue shark's alright, but when you play the game as the serpent, it makes manouvering around the water a complete pain in the Mega tooshie. Good thing his defense is a lot higher and that he's armed to the teeth with missles, because dodging enemy projectiles with him is next to I've beaten the main stages with the Manitee and BlueShark and i'm about to finish it with the Serpent....eek! Wish me luck.

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I once found it used for 3 bucks in a gamerush store.... Then I visited another game store and they had it for 30 lol

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It's not awesome, but it's pretty good when you get into it. If you can get it for $10 or so, I'd recommend getting it.

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MrWalkieTalkie wrote:

Nintendo should seriously consider releasing it on the eShop...

Except the way they work, they'll charge $40 just to get max profit off of a few suckers.

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Thanks everyone! I think that I will probably purchase it sometime soon.


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Wario Land Shake it! did the whole 'Sumbarine thing' the best. those tilt controls were amazing.
I wish Nintendo would release a more Arcadey' Steel diver sequal with quicker controls instead of the delayed slow burning feel of SD.
Throw in some giant great white sharks, mutant mermaids and some brain sucking jellyfish and i'll be in Merman heaven.



I personally was not a fan of Steel Diver. It was short on content, and even then the game wasn't that fun for me. Most eShop games have more content than this game. I got it for $5, and there is no way I'd pay more for it.

There are much better games on the system, in my opinion.

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When you think about it, it's not that short on content. Trying to unlock all of the decals which give your submarine different abilities, completeing all of the stages with the 3 submarines, the '2' unlockable stages, Periscope Mode, racing against your ghost to top your best time, racing against the developers ghost, and the Battleship-like/multiplayer Stragety game.

I Scored it for $20, and while it's not 'awesome' by any means i'm still finding it enjoyable. I'll admit though, i've got zero motivation to even collect all of the decals considering they're randomly achieved in the main campaigns periscope mode, The periscope single mode by itself gets stale rather quickly and i couldn't care less for the multiplayer stragety game. Beating the main game with all 3 submarines is the only real thing I'm finding appealing finding about this game and that's perfectly fine. Plus the Stereoscopic 3D kind of makes it look like you're staring into a mini virtual aquariium and makes the experience a lot more enjoyable and intersting than in 2D.. Overall, so far I see it as a 7.

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I love it and got it for 10€. I am very happy!



Soo.... Free to play huh? All right. Well, see ya later.

I guess this is Nintendo's answer to World of Tanks. I have the 3DS cart but I could see myself playing a Wii U version for online. Maybe.



reviving this old thread thanks to the search feature

i got this game today for 10€. i love steel diver sub wars so i thought why not try the prequel?
so far i think the controls are not very good. it is 100% touchscreen controls. i don't get why. obviously the developers learned that button controlls would work better so the implemented them in the sequel. the controls make the game way harder than it is. i also do not like that your submarine is in the middle of the camera. it should be a bit on the left site so you can actually see what is coming in front of you. i mean the game is a sidescroller in the end.
i tried the battleship mode once without looking into the game manual first because i thought it would be the normal battleship game. but it is not so i had no idea what happened on the battlefield
i have not tried the periscope mode yet, because it is gyrosensors only and i already hate the bonus stages in the other modes.

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