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Alright, first off i'd like to say that i was really expecting this game on a portable system, so of course, when it got released on the 3DS, i bought the system solely for this game. The controls (understand the D-pad) are very bad in my opinion, but with (a lot) of training, i managed to get something out of it.
I can pull off pretty much all the stuff from the challenges (in Pro mode of course), even though it's far from being 100% of the time...

Anyway, i wanted to try my skills against other players over the net, and HOLY ****, this game is just UNPLAYABLE!
Pretty much every game i host / join, there's close to 1 sec delay. The best i got so far is something around half a second delay. Needless to say, pretty much all the chains, combos, etc... are just undoable.

Now, you might think that my internet connection is not fast enough, but then you'd be very very wrong. My connection is pretty fast, usually i download stuff at 1.5 meg...
And i just can't believe that all the people i played had a ****ty internet provider, yeah?
So this time you might think that i've really been out of luck and fought only the few dudes with a terrible internet connection... but so far, i did ...... 293 fights, and yeah, all of them had some kind of delay.
Of course i tried setting the lobby to different / same region, and in both cases, i had that horrible lag!

So sure, my first post on these forums looks like a big fat rant... and well, it is. But i seriously WANT to enjoy this game. After all, i didn't spend close to 300 euros just to play the arcade mode until my fingers bleed, right?

So what gives? Seriously, what the heck?
Is there any solution / fix to this?

Help please!



Huh...I've had quite a few laggy matches, but never anything consistently bad (and my internet kinda sucks). I'm curious if anyone else has had your problem.

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Some people say that my modem needs to be configured.Somehow i doubt it because i never had any such issue with any of the other games i'm playing. So what the hell?
Plus in a game like SSFIV where you have to consistently pull off 1 or 2 frames combos, the lag i'm experiencing kills the experience completely.

I AM very disappointed with this game so far when it comes down to multiplayer, and i'm seriously considering selling both the system and the game on Ebay or wherever...



It could be you, since I never get any Lag.
If your playing online with Lite mode on, then your going to get alot of Cheap matchies.
I found the game to be more enjoyble to play in Pro Mode.

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I never ever played in Lite.
I only play in Pro, and as i stated in my OP, i have a 1.5 megs + brandwidth, so how the heck could i ever be the reason for that lag?



Oh and when i say "a 1.5 megs brandwith", i also mean that i'm the only user, and that i don't download, don't browse the net with 50+ tabs opened at the same time, etc... So i really get those 1.5 megs for the 3DS only.
That's impossible to even consider it lags because of me. Or if it does, it's because the modem is not configured properly, as some people suggested even tough i doubt it.



Never had any Lag whatso ever, I have been impressed with the flow of the online game... Dead or Alive on the other hand really puts me off the online although the rest of the game is great.

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It depends for me, although I've been playing in Lite mode if that even makes any difference. Some Matches work almost perfectly fine, while others are a mixed bag and then there's the Somewhat rare occasion where the match will be almost unplayable.



Don't worry, the 360 / PS3 version is worse. Just play regular VS. or Arcade mode on the Hardest difficulty, you get the same level of challenge without spamming.

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The first thing I would do is eliminate possibilities: play the game on another internet connection (a friend's, perhaps? preferably not even someone with the same ISP, but a good connection) and see if you have the same results. I'd also point out that download speed and latency are not the same thing: your internet connection could have very high download speeds yet still have horrible latency problems. The latter really depends on a number of factors, from the modem to the ISP used to the region.

At least see what your numbers are (down, upload, latency) on, using a computer connected to your wireless network.

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I never get any lag.

Why are you trying to pull off those linking combos online, anyway? The timing on them is so ridiculously strict that they're pretty worthless in real matches even without lag. Just stick with using one attack at a time. If you want to combo your attacks, play Dead or Alive: Dimensions.

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I never had lag either.
Actually i was impressed how smooth and fast that game runs in multiplayer. Anyhow the traffic is low because its only two players. So strange situation you got there ...

So i would say its:

A your router
B your room ( maybe you live in a steel bunker ? )
C your system , faulty wifi parts ?!
D your region
E your bad luck


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Try to check your connection speed- stuff...



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