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Alright we all can confirm that Ono and even Seth(not the boss, but Killian) have mentioned that Super Street Fighter 4 3D Edition will be identical to the console version. Well just announce by Destructoid, The Arcade Edition will be a DLC update to the console version instead of being another retail purchase. A lot of us were on the fence on if the game will be released again or will come to use as DLC. Now that this is confirmed, and based on Ono saying that the game is identical to the console version, plus Capcom and Nintendo were working very close together before the 3DS was launched, it only seems natural that SSF4 will be the first to release DLC.

Now of course nothing is confirmed for the 3DS version in the trailer, but i would like to know what you guys have to say about this.

Here's the link to video trailer of the arcade edition.


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