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Let's just say that there's a ton of Spotpass content for OoT 3D when it comes out. If I have a different game in my system [SSFIV 3D, for instance], will I still get the content for OoT 3D?

Note that I have no idea if OoT 3D has Spotpass content, but this question still applies to any game using Spotpass.

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Yes, your SpotPass content will be downloaded whatever game is in the card slot. I can't remember the maximum number of games it will do this for, but there is a limit.




Thanks! Do I have to put the cartridge in and check it for that day, every day, or does it build up a stockpile of new content?

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I get Spotpass content for Samurai Warriors and that comes on a Friday and stays on for a week... well I have never left it for over a week before collecting it.
...but I also recieve DoA Spotpass content and I dont want to miss any of the outfits so I dare not risk not putting my Cart the day afterwards incase it just gets replaced by the new content.

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I just got DOA. does that mean I will not be able to get the costumes that I've missed since may ?

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golephish wrote:

I just got DOA. does that mean I will not be able to get the costumes that I've missed since may ?

Try messing around with your date, you may get all of the content if you just move the time back.

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