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Sorry if this, or something similar, has already been posted.
Took my 3ds into town with me today, it was on throughout so I could try and gather some street pass hits. Opened it up on the bus on the way home and all of the spinning logos for the channels were going round waaaay faster than usual. Everything else seems to be working as usual, but I am yet to check fully. Will do it shortly. Turning it off and then on again has made no difference.
Anyone else seen anything like this happen to their console? Does it return to normal?



Yeah, it happens with loud noises, like at a concert or in a car, bus, train, etc.

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That happens whenever you're on a car. Microphones pick up everything on a car. I remember playing a Mario Kart DS battle in the car, and my balloons blew up super fast


Oh, so its related to the microphone. RIght. Yeah, when I checked at home it was spinning normal speed.



Watch the AR Card logo spin next time you have it in a car. It's REALLY funny!

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