Topic: Sony says Nintendo should not bash 3D glasees.

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Has this guy mocked the Wii?

Because that's who everyone here is hating on. For simply saying he wished to push 3D WITH Nintendo.


Edit: Um Oregano, he said it has limits. And it does. That's not bashing.

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warioswoods wrote:

Maybe the future is in 3D contact lenses.

Whoa, I think I just saw the future.

To each his own.


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Sony is jealous of Nintendo's technology they wish they had came up with that idea for the PSP but who cares. Nintendo is the best and i will always Love Nintendo for life. Just wish Sony just F*** Off!-)lol

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Well, AlexSays, what are you gonna do. Sadly this site is full of fanboys.
I for myself actually agree with Sony because 3D gaming is in the interest of the whole gaming industry.
Even Nintendo themselves said they want to make a 3D home console when there are enough 3D TVs in people's homes.

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Woah woah, what's going on here? I never would have thought a polite discussion about two rival game companies could turn out so badly.

Very disappointed.


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