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Zones u think would be great for Sonic Generations (any of them)
1. Neo Green Hill Zone
2. Secret Base Zone (not necessary)
3. Egg Rocket Zone
4. X-Zone
5. Scrap Brain Zone

Those r just a few. Post Zones that u'd like 2 c!

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I think both versions of Sonic Generations should have some Sonic CD zones


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I want to see neo green hill zone
Others i would love to see adapted include pumpkin hill, dry lagoon and every other rouge and knuckles level from SA2


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In no order
1)Chemical Plant Zone
2)Angel Island
4)Metallic Madness
5)Final Fortress
6)Radical Highway
7)Emerald Coast
8)Planet Wisp
9)Emerald Hill

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Green Hill Zone
Marble Zone
Chemical Plant Zone
Hill Top Zone
Mushroom Hill Zone
Sandopolis Zone
Emerald Cost Zone
City Escape Zone
Rail Canyon
Apotos Remix
Empire City Remix
Awesome Death Egg remix!

Thats a lot of levels! Maybe for DLC they can put some stages from the handheld versions like Techno Base and Route 99 from Advance 2 and 3.

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I'm not too crazy about levels from the Dreamcast era and higher since those were already made in 3D graphics, I'm mostly looking forward to levels from the original 3 and CD. So levels from....
Sonic 1 - Star Light Zone
Sonic 2 - Chemical Plant Zone
Sonic 3 - Carnival Night Zone
S & K - Mushroom Hill Zone
Sonic CD - Palmtree Panic (I'm assuming they would take out time travel?)
Also the last act in Stardust Speedway would be pretty epic, that's the one with the Metal Sonic race.

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please feel free to discuss anything Sonic Generations 3DS-related in this existing thread. :3

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