Topic: Something slipped quite early about the 3DS?

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Even though my name on the sites where I write is Red, I intended from the beggining to have it in Black, cause in black, it is less colourful ! (Now, that is one hell of a philosophical point) Plus it looks awesome !

Waffle !


Zez has some patience. Just like I'm going to wait out for the NGP after it releases and see promise.

Anyhow, if one of the colors turns out to be orange, I would be somewhat bummed out but at the same time I love the color Blue so it won't be a huge deal to me. 3DS SP will give me the opportunity to get another 3DS in a possibly orange color- and I'll have two to trade Pokemon for the 6th gen.

And I'm looking to get an orange cover for my 3DS anyhow because blue and orange looks sweet together. I wouldn't be surprised if this NEW color the guy mentioned is a reference to the 25th Anniversary of Zelda where you get a sweet Green and Gold colored 3DS bundled with OoT and Link's Awakening. Don'tcha think? Wouldn't mind getting that too



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Whether the rumour is true or false, does it really matter? When I'm playing on my DSi, I'm looking at the screen(s), not the surrounding plastic. The screens are far more interesting and they are all sorts of colours.


So you'd be happy with a 70's tie-dyed colored 3DS? More power to you then

I want my 3DS in pringle.



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BellGoRiiing wrote:

...I bet its the red one...even though its mostly a rumor, I can see it happening. The red one looked pretty nice too, especially with the black frame around the top screen.

(even so, I'm still sticking with black. xD)

It WAS shown on the E3 site with Blue and Black



I very much hope this is true. We want our second 3DS to be purple, and I want that to be ASAP. Blue's the color for me even if all the colors were out.

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Hmm. The only color that interests me is red. But I'll be getting a black one, I'm not waiting any longer just for a color.

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I was actually surprised when they didn't bring out red. I figured red and blue was a great reference to the old blue and red 3D glasses.... Even though purple was the one I wanted to come out (and maybe it will eventually) I didn't have high hopes for it.

Either way I've preordered blue and I'll stick with that one for now. I can only see myself jumping ship to buy another color if they come out with a really cool bundle... and even then it would probably have to be with Zelda.

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i don't care if they release new colors. i like the blue one the best.

Cringing is really fun.


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I specifically wanted a black 3DS, so I'm not too bothered

Black is sexy.



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Yay! Now I can get a white one!

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Yay! Now I can get a white one!

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I hope this guy's right. I want red dammit! >

Yep, me too. But I expected to have to wait till next Christmas before it's released. I had a black DSlite and DSi, but I've always wanted a red DS - so a red 3DS it will be!

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