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So some guy named Austin Burk has been running a private Flipnote server called Sudomemo for about four years now, and he says that he's got a hard drive that has every Flipnote from every region that was posted to Flipnote Hatena and Flipnote Gallery World. He says his goal is to make a public archive of them for everyone to access.

Any thoughts on this? I spent a lot of time watching Flipnotes back in the day and was quite upset when they announced it would be closing, so I'm very interested to see how this turns out.

It appears the main issue would be money, as from what I can gather he's just a 22 year old running a Flipnote server in his spare time with mostly his own money, and he wants to buy more hard drives so that not everything is lost if the one he has dies. And since all those Flipnotes take up more than 20 terabytes of data, it probably won't be cheap to get them. But still, if this succeeds in the end, I'll be all over it.

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Hatena died way too soon, and it was the kind of small-but-thriving community that is hard to come by these days with everyone posting to Youtube, Twitter, etc. Preservation of lost media is always something I can get behind, and I hope he finds the funds soon.

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Yeah, hatena really was a unique community. So many people putting lots of effort into original videos, with good talent never going unnoticed.

I remember, back when it was in its final days, all the big creators were sharing their 3DS friend codes in anticipation of the upcoming flipnote 3D and its online service. Little did we know that we wouldn't get it until years after they said we would, and without the promised online features we were looking forward to using to get back together.

It seems that him getting the funds together isn't going to happen unless people really start to spread the word. He opened a patreon a few weeks ago as a means to raise the money and only has about $50 so far, which isn't even close to enough to cover the costs of the server he's already been running. Sudomemo has over thirty thousand members, so where are all of them?

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Beautiful keep up the good work I will spread the word as much as possible



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