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Hey, just wanting to share some thoughts, ideas, and questions here.

One: Does anyone have information on the 3DS Browser?
Two: Is there any way to get Mii heroes that battle in Find Mii without Street Pass transfer?
Three: Any of you played Splinter Cell 3D then gone and looked at Resident Evil 3DS gameplay and said wtfbatman?
Four: I have Super Street Fighter IV, Asphalt, and Splinter Cell 3D. Thoughts on those games?
Five: Isn't it a shame we have very limited online play?

3DS Titles I'm interested in and wanting to know what you think about:
Assassin's Creed (A lot of potential there, I mean look at Resident Evil)
Dead Or Alive - Who doesn't like DOA, especially in stunning smooth 3D with online VS? I know I do.
Resident Evil
Mario Kart
Mega Man
Metal Gear Solid, maybe.
Ninja Gaiden (again, look at RE and DOA, both stunning)

If you are going to get any of those titles, hit me up. FC posted below.

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1. May.
2. Yes.
3. No.
4. Cool.
5. Meh.


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Here's the StreetPass thread, one for Splinter Cell 3D, a thread where people are discussing Asphalt, the SSFIV3DS thread, the 3DS recommendations thread, and the 3DS FAQ for everything else. feel free to discuss/ask your question(s) in those existing threads (and there's more threads scattered throughout the 3DS section of the forums if you'll look through it a page or two before starting a brand new topic). :3

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