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Has anyone seen this? It's a 2600 mAh battery "case" that goes on the 3DS. It's $40, and in all honesty, sounds like it's a legit battery with the amount of power to bring you 2-3 times the power to this 3DS. Plus, it doesn't make the 3DS clunky besides the small tab that lines the top of the 3DS. What do you guys think? Can you find any info on this? I can't even find the company anywhere on google.



That's interesting. The only way to find out whether it's any good or not is to try it. The thing I worry about with 3rd party batteries is how many charges they'll take before they only charge to 10% capacity.

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It looks like it's just an external battery to keep your 3DS in a charging state...

That may even be bad for the 3DS battery... But that's just me :3

Yeah I don’t know either.

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That looks horrible, and appears to plug into the back of the machine. I'd much rather have one that attaches via the battery port at the bottom as a replacement to the internal battery (and that offers more than 2x the original capacity).

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I wouldn't want a 3rd party battery replacement. But the "shell" charger would just be like charging the shell when you plug it in, and then it would charge your battery while you play. Plus, it protects against scratches and scuffs.



i prefer to wait for nintendo's official releases.
there is that nyko powerpak+ thing, but to be honest, i never had any good experience with nyko products.

maybe theyre bad ONLY with gamepads, but the 3 i got for acouple of consoles broke super fast. it was years ago on ps2 and gamecube, maybe they changed their quality over time, i dont know.
but so far, so bad. i never even considered buying nyko products anymore until that battery thing came out. i dont own it, and wait for more reviews. long term reviews.

and anyway, i rarely found a third party product to be close or better than the official products.
there was that logitech wireless gamepad on ps2 that was remarquable.

So this battery is odd to me. beeing tough to find like this, with so less infos... ouch. this smells like troubles

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I bought battery packs and a charger for my Wii Remotes by Nyko, and they have given me no problems whatsoever. I feel mislead when I hear people talking about how bad the companies products are, but recently on the Wii, their products only gave problems early on. I wonder if they did bump up their quality?



Just to inform the original 3ds battery is the same used with the dsi so if you need a stronger battery you can also search the batterypacks made for the dsi it will fit perfectly

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upps sorry my error i thought dsi and dsi xl
dammn nintendo they made the sam plug, same voltage and changed the size

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