Topic: So I've never played a Pokemon game in my life...

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The GBA had the best Pokemon games imo. Not only did it have the remakes (Fire Red and Leaf Green) but it also had Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

EDIT: I agree with theblackdragon (below)

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to be absolutely honest, if you've never played a Pokemon game before, i'd just go with the most current version. You're a lot more likely to find other people playing the same game out and about IRL, there's that wonderful wave of hype to ride, and there's sometimes events for the current game as well that you'd miss out on if you decide to pick it up later (limited-time pokemon releases via Wi-Fi, in-person gatherings to battle and all that). You can always pick up the older games via Amazon or eBay even if GameStop isn't carrying them locally, but to give the entire series a good honest go, i'd suggest the most current version possible (and in this case it'll be X/Y once they release).

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I'd go with X or Y. For one, you'll be able to acquire every Pokemon ever made, which will lengthen the game if your a collector. As well as that, the limited edition event Pokemon will be being distributed starting at launch.

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X or Y are the best options but if you want to start before october I'd recommend either black and white(because it's likely there will be poke-transfer from black/2/White/2 to X and Y) or emerald specially if you like useful glitches.
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