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Hello everyone

Do you think They should make a 3D version of Slender man for download on the E-shop?
I think they should, it would be perfect on the 3DS. I also love a game that gives me the scares
Share your thoughts below.

If there is already a thread based on this topic let me know, thanks

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That game is like 15 minutes and free.

So no, unless it's 99 cents and extended.

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The 3D really messes up with most games that have a lot of dark or black areas, so Slenderman probably wouldn't be the best fit for the 3DS lol.


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I would be a good fit in the day time version

Plus i i do not know many people to have gathered 8 pages yet

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No. It's a free PC game. Frankly, unless if the game was radically changed to sustain multiple playthroughs, it wouldn't be worth owning, especially on a portable platform.

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I agree with the majority. It doesn't sound like it would be a good fit for the platform, unless they both beefed up gametime & replayability factor.

From what I understand though, it's just a game where you wander around for a few minutes, until the Slenderman randomly pops up and scares you (inform me if I'm getting it wrong). I really don't know how you would change that into a longer game, withought significantly changing the feel & goal of the game, so that probably wouldn't work either.

Also, it's a dark game (visually), so there'll probably be a lot of ghosting in 3D as well, which would also hamper the game's mood.


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OK, OK, I see all of you guises points. But you have to admit having it on the PC, and the iPods (& ect.) is cool but some people would like to have it on nintendo 3DS. I mean, I would. And I'm sure some others would, too. Even just making it a demo would be cool.



The best I can think of is the creators actually buying a devkit for a different new game, and tacking it on as an unlockable.

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I misread the title for Spider Man 3D

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Well who said it couldn't be free? :w
I think this is a good idea! I wanna see Slender3D >u<



Erica_Hartmann wrote:


ikr? There's a kid at my school who sits with me and my friend at lunch so he can play Slender MODs on my friend's laptop. He's really annoying.

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#1. I assume the game you're referring to is this one. "Slender Man" itself is not a game, but rather a fictional character created by a group of people on the Something Awful forums.

#2. As the Slender Man character is considered open-source material, I believe there would be no hassle with getting a Slender Man game on the Eshop. However, the specific game you're referencing runs off of the Unity game engine, which no one has any real idea whether or not the engine runs on the 3DS. I would assume not, as even the PSP couldn't run the Unity engine.

#3. The reason Slender got extremely popular was because it was free, easy to acquire, and great for webcam-recordings. I would assume a port of that game for the 3DS would not have any of those qualities.

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