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What are they?

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Some of those characters look pretty cool. This is an awesome idea for a game, but I A) wish they hadn't tossed the Spyro name on there, and B) wish it wasn't going to be so incredibly expensive.

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Blurgh. Hope it fails...wait a second. Spyro doesn't even get to be front and center on the cover?! And there are no other characters from previous games?! What the...I ya...well, they appear to be selling expansion packs as well, so it seems they're going to try to extend the life of the game beyond WAITASECOND! According to the Toys R Us site, the expansions will be ready the same time the game is! WHAT A RIPOFF! YOU DON'T EVEN GET THE ENTIRE GAME MINUS MOST OF THE CHARACTERS IN ONE PACKAGE! YOU'D HAVE TO BUY THE REST OF THE GAME, TOO (if you were getting it, which I for one am not)! I...HATE...ACTIVISION!!! (Huff...huff...huff...) Sorry about that rant and severe CAPSLOCK abuse. Man, this game keeps finding new ways to tick me off...



Man, I really like Stealth Elf and Sonic Boom! This should be an animated TV show.

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