Topic: Should NIntendo's next portable system be an HD 3DS?

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Happy_Mask wrote:

I just wanna see the death of touch screens, even though they're likely here to stay. D:

sorry most of handheld games are now build around touch screen so there here to stay for ever.

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^I'll never stop yearning for a new handheld that I needn't worry about scratching up. That, and touch screen controls are awkward in my hands. >_<

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kkslider5552000 wrote:

I've been meaning to point out the most valid point about a new handheld is that I hope it takes as long as possible. 3DS is cool now, stick with that Nintendo and please stick with your hardware as long as humanly possible so we don't have to deal with more boring launch periods. If 3DS and Wii U last 10 years, GOOD.

I agree 100%. I hope the 3DS sticks around for a good while longer, I see no reason for Nintendo to rush to put out another handheld, that would just be bad for everyone. I'm perfectly satisfied with everything about my 3DS, besides the lack of an account based system and there's a spot(scratch maybe?) on my top screen that won't come off and it can be really annoying once I notice it.

But I for one, would absolutely love to see a 3D-HD-DS, that would be perfect. I guess I must be in the minority of posters in this thread who love the 3D effect. I mean seriously, please play Resident Evil Revelations in 3D and then try and go and play it without it and honestly tell me that you'd rather play it in '2D.'

RR529 wrote:

  • Keep the clamshell design.
  • Add HD.
  • Add second circle pad.
  • A better web browser (and better online functionality overall).
  • Keep 3D.

Seriously, I don't get the hate/disdain for 3D. Yes, you should have the option to turn it off if you really want to (for eyestrain, battery issues, or whatever), but why is it considered pointless?

So what if it doesn't enhance gameplay? Guess what, neither does HD. 3D & HD are visual upgrades, which means they make games look prettier, nothing more.

It's true that most games (if not all) don't need the 3D to be played, but answer me this, what is the game that requires HD in order to be played?

Why do people expect 3D to enhance gameplay in order to be of use, when HD isn't expected to do so?

I'm with you all the way man, on everything you highlighted in this post. I absolutely love how hold the '3D gimmick' to some kind of crazy double standard, saying it's so pointless because it doesn't affect gameplay. Well I would have to say that, for me, it greatly affects gameplay. Maybe not the physical task of playing that game, but, for me, it definitely affects gameplay. It adds a whole new perspective and greatly enhances immersion, and if being immersed does not affect gameplay for you, then you're doing it wrong. I honestly feel that taking out the 3D effect would be a step backwards for Nintendo. I mean sure, most games don't use the effect for every single thing on-screen, but that doesn't mean they should take it out. This is another reason I want the 3DS to stick around for as long as possible, because if Ninty does decide to take out 3D, then I will be one disappointed customer. But for everyone saying that 3D is just a gimmick, well HD also started out as just a gimmick and look where we're at now.

So what I would like to see is, everything that @RR529 stated in his first post and:

  • an account based system
  • more VC games
  • somehow get Banjo Kazooie back from Microsoft's evil clutches
  • better localization efforts
  • more visual novels

Sorry for my little rant though, I just hate it how people are so quick to hate on 3D. I'm perfectly fine with people not sharing my opinion, or not liking it for whatever reason. But when people pointless bash it and act like their opinion is the word of god...well that's just not cool dude. ;3

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Greetings everyone. I'm new here. I would suggest, like the others said, high-definition (HD) screen, the clam shell design, and inserting another circle pad (or analog stick). The 3D effect is a plus for the handheld; considering if the technology is further developed minimizing the dizziness effect to maximize not only the gaming experience but also the viewing. The current 3DS, as I have seen, can take pictures and view 3D images, so 3D is really a plus. Also, playing some 3D movies in a handheld would be good.

I said in the previous paragraph as high-definition screen. Yes, 1 solid screen, and with a clam shell. It would be great if Nintendo will take advantage of the 'foldable glass' technology; if the Company (Nintendo) can do it. Well, there have been rumors that Apple and other smartphones are inculcating this technology. May it just be rumors but, it still is possible considering the ever developing innovation of this century. This link would best show my suggestion -

The 1 solid, foldable, better, 3D, HD screen would be a good handheld device. This, in my opinion, would save space to enough to fit in a better battery.

Oh yes, adding better wi-fi connection, and the whole screen being touchscreen. And, backwards compatible.

It would result to a sleek, professional-looking, handheld gaming gadget.



What about a capacitive touch screen on the top and a resistive touch screen at the bottom (could that be able to work also I feel like it could open up way more gameplay ideas), and a WAY better camera because the camera on the 3Ds is just pathetic.

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Like i said before just make the 3ds hd there really nothing more needs to be added(account and better wifi could be better) no need for 2 anolog sticks(really what would it be for other then camera), no 2 touch screens whatttt... backwards compatibly would be nice but really no more is needed. this is mine opinion and if you dont agree then to bad jk i still love u.

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X-Factor wrote:

Keep 3D, give me atleast 720p and built in dual circle pads, and Im good!

What he said, plus better internet 'n stuff.

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Nah... I'm hoping they drop the DS series after 3DS and make a whole new type of handheld.


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I don't think we'll see a successor to 3DS earlier than 2018, 2019, but I would like if they brought back the Game Boy brand. Guess I'm kind of nostalgic.
Or maybe they'll make it something entirely different. So far on handhelds, we've had the Game & Watch, the Game Boy and the DS families.



Sonicfan11589 wrote:

I was thinking and i thought that Nintendo's next portable system should be an HD version of a 3DS. You know have at least as great as graphics as a PS Vita but still incorporate the 3D and dual screens. What do u guys think? Yes or no? Or do u think Nintendo should abandon the 3D and/or dual screen gimmick?

Dual screen is not a gimmick.
Vita is not HD.
3D is better than HD.
3D is awesome.
Dual Screen is awesome.
The idea of 3 screens is actually also pretty awesome.

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All I want is

  • An account based system.
  • Better browser
  • Specs of a PS vita.
  • Actually I don't care about camera, but a good quality build in cam would be nice.
  • In the games with online, you can somehow add their friend code if it's a random matchup thing..
  • Holograms.

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I think the next DS could implement motion controls through the use of tracking your finger through the inner-camera. Using your finger as a pointer/sword and face recognition is definite. It has to be HDS.


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it could use inner cameras to use your eyes to adjust the 3D AND do the aiming for shooters

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I think it will be an HDS, but no 3DS. 3D was really just a gimmick and I'd rather have longer battery life than a 3D I most likely won't use anyway.

That said, do you guys think it will be a clamshell design or a slate like the 2DS?


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@WebHead I'd like to see a conversible design... like you slide it down to be one screen and slide up to show the second one! it would be SO cool! communication apps would work great with a design like this! and I think it'd be a little more resistand than clamshell too.

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I honestly don't even understand the point of 720p on a screen that size. You would need a microscope the spot the difference between that and 480p. All it would do is lengthen development cycles and inflate budgets. No thanks.

DePapier wrote:

What I think they should do next is a 3G 3DS once 4G is the standard and 3G is cheap and affordable for the manufacturer and consumers.

It would be an upgrade to the 3DS but still a 3DS per se: the 3GS. (I'm calling it now.) 180º glasses-free 3D screen (holograms from the 3DS's stereoscopic process), 480p screens (2x their current resolution), Paperwhite-like screens for perfect brightness, better grip with the XL version having an integrated Circle Pad Pro mapped like on the Wii U GamePad.

I'm throwing money at my screen, but nothing is happening.

EDIT: I would also like to see an ergonomic design, feeling more like a controller in your hands, less like a collection of right angles. Like one of these built in:

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Only the XL having two circle pads is extremely stupid. It seems people still haven't come to grips over the fact that if you give the XL an extra input, it puts the regular at a developmental disadvantage.

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SCAR392 wrote:

mamp wrote:

Question: How would you feel if Nintendo keeps the dual screen but they use capacitive touch screen this time around?

I would be pretty disappointed. Like I said, I think they should aim to get Wacom on there.
Resistant touch screens are the cheapest way you can get stylus controls on a device. Capacative screens give multitouch, but get rid of the benefits of resistant screens.
Wacom type screens bring both of those together for better performance in both areas.
That's why the capacitive suggestion is kind of naive, because that would be selling a better option short.
Wacom is expensive as hell, but I'm sure more options will be open at a later time.

EDIT: BTW, I think keeping the DS design is pretty essential.

The best quality resistive screens are as good as capacitive. Panasonic uses them in their rugged tablets.

They support less points of multitouch but otherwise you cannot tell the difference unless you use gloves or them when the screen is wet.

(The advert for them has someone in snow using the tablet as a seat).

Nintendo having the partnerships with them will be good because they are still a high quality manufacturer and there are hardly any left.

I want a Wii U where the whole thing is built into the gamepad but no drive. (Be the most powerful handheld and anything it gets the Wii U gets as well best of all worlds.)

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The only real improvement I can see they need, is multiple touch points. Higher resolution would be a waste unless they increased the size, imagine doubling the size of the XL .... not good. Anti-aliasing can improve the look of a lot of games at the current resolution without increasing the resolution.

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