Topic: Should i get PSP or 3DS?

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Hi,I am new on this forum. Should I get PSP or 3DS? PSP´s design is nice,but 3DS has interesting games. I like Pokémon,classics like Mario etc. but i like games like God of War too. What do you should recommended me? Thanks for answers!

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It's going to lean on what you like to get, if you like graphics, better get PSVita, because they'll have better graphics than 3DS even though 3DS itself has nice graphics if you ask me.

If you like Nintendo, and games that are only going to be on 3DS, better get it, because that's where it's going to be. Nintendo is not going to put any of their major titles near Sony anytime soon.

It's more of preference really, check the libraries both have, and see the battery life, and every other things. Do the research! Asking people about it in truth is just yourself trying to justify whichever one you wanted (that happens a lot, so no worries there)


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And 3DS has a lot of games for kids,yeah? And,you have both of them?

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Yeah, Vita over PSP I would think. Ideally, both. I like 3DS quite a bit, but I am missing out on good stuff with the Vita currently.

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@Raxonn Well... for 'kids' are more on your Point of View, really.

And no, I don't have both of them, that's why I'm saying you better research both of them. ^^


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@Raxonn I would have to go with @darkfenrir on this one research both of them, I own them both but I would have to go with Sony for this. That's my preference.

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I would say 3DS. That will have Pokemon and Mario. Look into Castlevania: Mirror of Fate: Lords of Shadow as a possible God of War fix. That plays kinda like it, except it's a 2D sidescroller...
It's really up to you. I like Nintendo handhelds better, because there's always more games, and the main ones I like are on Nintendo consoles.


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Buy whatever has the games you want to play on them.


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Do your own research. Type Google on Google and go from there.

It's simple, really.

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I would say 3DS, It has a great game library, and there will be more games coming up. But do you realize that you are asking it on a Nintendo- based forum, ofcourse most people will say that 3DS (which I agree 3DS>PSP). and as Chrono_Cross said, you can do research on google there are mant threads about 3DS vs Psvita, even youtube. Good luck.

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Go for 3DS XL is my advise. The PSP library is really small...even at the end of the generation. When you are really into Monster Hunter (which i ain't), then it's worthwile to buy both.

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Ok,thanks . I will do research and will see .

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@Raxonn I own both, and I can safely say: buy what you want. The PSP library is very small and weird, but the 3DS has about the same number of games; though, it's games are higher quality.

However, PSP plays everything on the PSN, which is a far bigger market (games, movies, TV, music, etc.)

If you want games, get 3DS; if you want entertainer, upgrade to the PSVita. My friend owns the latter, and he really likes it.

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I want cheap handheld and i want play games .



Get both.


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MrSRArter wrote:

Get both.

Wise words.

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Get a 3ds XL and a vita (vitas are £99 pre-owned in game at the moment )



And PSP is good too yeah?



PSP is last gen, 3DS is next gen, and at this point the 3DS already has way more games worth playing than the PSP ever did. The 3DS will keep getting new games for years to come while the PSP was almost dead on arrival 6 years ago.

Unlike what others said, avoid the vita like the plague. There's less than 5 games worth playing on it and they are all console ports.

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