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Well Mizore, I don't think Nintendo would revise a handheld that functions with a console, but you never know...btw does he even have a Wii U then? A Nintendo fan must be up to date, poor guy.


i wouldn't buy the wii u because there are not much games that i like and the sales r going down



supermario182 wrote:

no way dude buy a 2ds, its totally not lame or anything

I second this, the only thing that holds the 2DS from being the definitive 3DS model is the lack of 3D.

Meowph, that's right!

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Most definitely yes. Smash Bros. will come out later this year but there are SO many other games on the 3DS.

Super Mario 3D Land
Mario Kart 7
Kid Icarus
Link Between Worlds
M&L Dream Team
Fire Emblem Awakening
Animal Crossing NL

etc. etc.

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Barbiegurl777 wrote:

zdragon87 wrote:

hi. I want to buy a 3ds. but there are so much bundles and packages too much to chose. and I want super smash 3ds so if there was a bundle I could buy that but there are rumors of this new console called Nintendo fusion so should I buy that?

what is your opinion?

Yeah defently get the 3ds it's has a nice library of games now to pick from compared to it's launch date lol. I bought mine on launch in 2011 & can honestly say it has a big library of games.

Truths. Yeah when the 3DS launched it was a pretty tough sell, at least for me, I mean the 3D was the main hook.

My what a couple of years can do! Nearly every genre has a game to represent it, and while some categories remain sparse the bar is set really high for quality. We've also seen revivals of classic franchises, many bold efforts some even mounted through Kickstarter... it's a hot system!

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zdragon87 wrote:

i wouldn't buy the wii u because there are not much games that i like and the sales r going down

Well, using sales to determine what to buy is often a poor method, you miss out on a lot of cool things that you will enjoy and wind up with a lot of junk. However, going by the games available is a great method of deciding what to spend your money on.

I was a huge fan of the DS, before it became popular, and that didn't break many records in sales. But the games available for it was what I loved, for that reason I have never had any regrets for buying Nintendo systems, their exclusive titles are my absolute favorites. Though I don't own a Wii U either, not a big fan of large consoles, I prefer portables. If there are at least three or more games you have interest in playing, buy the 3DS, the price is well worth it.

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Moorpheel wrote:

supermario182 wrote:

no way dude buy a 2ds, its totally not lame or anything

I second this, the only thing that holds the 2DS from being the definitive 3DS model is the lack of 3D.

Lack of 3D.
Lack of clamshell design.
Lack of stereo sound.
Tiny screens.

There's a reason the thing has a thick coating of plastic on the top part of the screen: it's a budget model made for children, who invariably abuse their electronics.

I mean, if you like it, that's fine, but the 3DS XL is, by most standards, the definitive 3DS model. The build is solid and stands up to a lot of abuse as well. The stylus isn't some weird telescoping thing and is placed in a much more comfortable position to reach than the original model. While the games aren't quite as sharp on the larger screens, the 3D is even more impressive. Also, larger screens reduce eye strain. The only bad thing about it is the lousy speakers, but at least it has more than one.

OP, the best way, if it is possible, to determine which model you want is to try them out. I know Gamestops around me usually have an XL on display. I wouldn't recommend the 2DS at all, but if you get a chance to try it, then go for it. Same with the original model.

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@Ralizah all three models have their high points and low points; I really don't think there is a "definitive" model. They're all good for different people with different interests.

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That's fine. That's why I said the best thing to do is to try out all of the models so that he can decide for himself. But if I see someone claiming that a gimped model of the system is the "definitive" version, then I'm going to provide an argument against that. The XL is a fantastic model, and I want to make sure it receives fair representation.

Here is a comparison chart for the models. I think they did a good job with it.:

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Yup. I got the original Nintendo DS a month after it came out(after Christmas). Everybody was saying that PSP was gonna "win", and it was "weak".

As you know, the rest is history, and things never change.

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