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. this is thread for Trading shiny pokemon in X and Y
im looking for a Shiny froakie with timid nature and Protean? Ill offer any of my shiny Pokemon for it. (I don't care about the IVs of the froakie)

These are the legit shiny Pokemon I have that im offering
Shiny Clauncher Lv.25
Shiny Corsola Lv.35
Shiny Basculin Lv.40
Shiny Dratini Lv.40
Shiny Magikarp Lv.15
Shiny Skiddo Lv.8
Shiny Fletchinder Lv.17
Shiny Swablu Lv.26
Shiny Staryu Lv.25
Shiny Luvdisc Lv.15
Shiny Hoppip Lv.7
Shiny Lillipup Lv.30

My FC is 1375-7615-7516. Leave in the comments what you'll trade, what you want, and your FC. Thanks alot

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