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Sweet, this is a first day purchase for me.


Starts about 36 seconds into the video, looking decent so far.

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looks cool, gameplay looks schweet, though hoping for a graphical enhancement before september


I'm a little iffy on the graphics so far. I know it's not finished yet but it does look a little crude. Plus the company that's making it doesn't have a real good track record. I just hope they don't botch it up somehow. I'm a fan of the Genesis games and I would hate to see this supposed rebirth fail. (Fingers crossed.)

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I like Griptonite games. I think it looks pretty good, but hope the points won't really pop out like how it is in the video...or at least will have an option to turn them off, seriously, who thought that was a good idea? It hurts the game IMO.

What is the meaning of life? That's so easy, the answer is TETRIS.


I'm with Link79 on the graphics, they look pretty meh-ish, and the backgrounds look particulary dull and bland....Definitly not impressive for a 3DS game. Can't say I'm too thrilled with this one, looks like a low budget half ed hammy sequal to a stellar franchise. The fact that Griptonite games is behind it says it all....Or wait, who!? Sound like Superman's 2nd weakness.

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The graphics are really disappointing, especially when then game can be compared to Senran Kagura and eventually Ninja Gaiden 3D. The character models are really low poly, textures are weak and there's no shaders being used at all. It definitely needs more polish, if not a complete overhaul.

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Looking forward to this one, I played the PS2 version and loved it.

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The art style of the graphics remind me of Okami on the PS2/Wii. The gameplay is marvelous and to be honest I really want a 3DS now.

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Looks pretty slick, but just the fact that Griptonite has a hand in it is reason enough for me to check it out
I'm pretty "meh" when it comes to platformers in general, but they always have incredibly fluid and simple controls. Playing their take on Assassin's Creed 2 was like playing Metroid Fusion all over again. Run, jump, grab a ledge, roll out, down an enemy and keep running without missing a beat? Yes, please.
I do hope they give out a demo, though. I still like to try before I buy

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