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Well, I guess you could call this "round 3" for sending in my 3DS for repair! First, I had scratches from the bottom screen on the top screen repaired, then the top screen was stuck beyond maximum brightness (and the L&R buttons were a little sticky), and now my Circle Pad's been acting up.

First (and this was weeks ago now), the circle pad would not snap back to the center on its own (I had to move it manually). That slowly got better, but now the problem is that it physically will not move all the way to the edge in some directions. Recalibration doesn't really help, because the two directions that it won't go all the way in mysteriously switch (between up/left and down/right) periodically. So I'd have to recalibrate it all the time. So, instead, I'm getting it fixed (and luckily I get a new year-long warranty every time I do this).

I do have a few concerns still, though. Firstly, I got a new warning (among the warnings about loss a data, etc.). I have an Aqua Blue 3DS, and they warned me that if they couldn't repair it, they might have to send me a Cosmo Black one instead. I just thought that was a bit odd. Also, last time I had to send my SD card; and I have to do that once again. Last time, I just left it in the system, and they sent it back in a separate bag. Should I just leave it in again, or put it in a separate bag? And one last thing, I would assume that to replace the circle pad, they'd have to open it up, and I'm not sure if that would possibly compromise any data (although, I'm pretty sure they've done it before to replace my shoulder buttons, and I never had any data loss).

If anyone's had a similar problem with their circle pad, I'd like to hear about it.

I'll let you all know how this repair goes!

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