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I just bought my wife an xl. It is quite a bit better. The screens won't get scratch lines with the bumpers, the glare has been reduced as well. The bigger screen really pops and honestly, it really isn't much more bulky than an original 3ds. The "sweet spot" issue with the 3ds seems to be a bit improved as well IMO. I'm pretty jealous now and will upgrade to an xl in the near future for sure! The only downside is that the speakers are a tad bit quiter than the original 3DS. It's worth it to me though.

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I sold my 3DS last month and bought a 3DSXL and wish I had done it much earlier! Its more comfortable for me to hold, and the screens look much better.

Having said that though, good luck getting somebody to pay $125 for your 3DS on eBay. I sold mine for $110 including Mario Tennis, and even then I had people trying to offer me $90 for it. A new one can be bought for around $140 now, so its unlikely you will get $125 for it without including games.

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@Shworange Yeah, I've heard about the speaker issues... I played my cousin's XL and it didn't bother me though, so a non-issue really.

@AbeVigoda I suppose $130 is a bit high, however I've carefully been watching the ebay markets for some time now and I've seen a few that don't even come with the box or the AR cards, and sell for higher than $130. So I'd thought I'd give $130 a go. I'd take $120 though.

If it doesn't sell in a few days I'll probably throw in Star Fox 64, since I never play it. That might entice people a bit.

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Woohoo! It just sold for $130!

Now the real question: Should I get the Red or Blue XL?


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the blue one is the one I's really nice but I've never seen a red one. I have to buy a new one and I have been thinking of going red this time or just getting the Blue XL Mario Kart Bundle.

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I was skeptical of the XL for a while, but having actually made the jump, I can now say it is better in almost every single way (sans the softer sound weirdness)

  • The increased size makes it easier for an adult with large hands to hold
  • Aesthetically, the thing is a beauty. The extra length, rounded corners, and matte finish make it look sleek
  • Glare reduction on the screens
  • My 3DS had this awful screen-scratching problem, but I've encountered nothing like that on the XL so far
  • More space under the D-Pad makes it much easier to use
  • Actually Start/Select/Home buttons
  • Improved hinge
  • Expanded screen size makes 3D even more impressive
  • 1:1 pixel ratio mode for DS games is perfect. The XL is now as proficient at displaying DS games properly as a DS Lite or DSi
  • The stylus has been moved back to the side of the device where it belongs. Also, that awful telescoping thing has been replaced by a normal stylus

The upgrade is fully worth the extra money.

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Nintenzo wrote:

Woohoo! It just sold for $130!

Now the real question: Should I get the Red or Blue XL?

So I hoped you transfer your stuff before you send it to the buyer.

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