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Quick, do a system update on your 3DS!

Done? Alright, I'll tell you why. Today I was fooling around with my 3DS when I decided to perform a system update for the heck of it. To my surprise, my 3DS actually downloaded an update. When I went back to the home menu, a new icon was there: it was a film real with "3D" in the bottom right corner. Selecting this showed a film picture with 4 guys. The first few times I opened this, once the app started I was instantly thrusted to the "Suspended App" Home menu, with the suspended image being static. After the third time I tried it, the app actually loaded, and it played a 3D music video of OK Go's "White Knuckles." After the video plays, it says the video will be deleted in the next update. This was done on an NA 3DS, I'm not sure about other regions. Try it!

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