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I am currently using the 2gb card the 3DS came with. If I get a 8 or 16gb card, can I transfer all the save data from the old to the new card or do I need to have 2 cards and switch back and for depending on what I'm playing?

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I just tryed this and lost all my data. My computer said that the data could not be found so try at your own risk

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Yikes. Nintendo needs to put out some information on this matter.



@MERG - If you have a computer with an SD card reader, you can just take your SD card out of your 3DS, put it in the computer's reader, copy the files onto your computer, put the new one in and transfer the files to it, put the new one in your 3DS and everything should work fine. If your computer doesn't have an SD card reader, you can find one at most stores that carry electronics for around $10-$20.

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I found this is in the official so I hope you find it useful, How to Transfer Data Between SD Cards:



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