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Okay so I have a problem with my Micro SD card saying that it isn't detecting it after I put it back in, I am thinking I am gonna have to buy a new SD card if there is a fix could you help me out with it, Seriously hate if I have to buy a new SD card.



@Zero1Zero Try a reformat with a PC

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Reformat, use FAT32 with 64kb clusters (some say 32kb clusters).

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Is this on a New3DS by any chance? I had a, perhaps, similar issue. Basically the SD card just ejected itself whenever it felt like it (it didnt even need sudden jolts). I had to open it up and reseat it loads of times before I got totally fed up (eventually the SD slot wouldn't even hold the card).

Rather than sending my New3DS back to Nintendo (it's an Ambassador version) I glued a wooden block behind the card. Solved the problem full stop. It's not a good solution, but it's a solution. I'd recommend sending it back if it's in warranty though (I really should have done that!).

Although hopefully your problem isn't as severe.



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