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I want to get AC:NL from the eshop, but I don't have enough space left. I found a spare 4gb. Is it possible to download AC:NL in to one SD card and switch out SD Cards if I want to play my 2gb or 4gb? If all goes wrong, how do I transfer my old data to the new one?

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It would be like Switching memory cards. The 3DS doesn't need a dominant memory card. Otherwise, it would really suck to be a 3DS game reviewer.
So yes, you can switch SD cards. But, of course for safety reasons, switch out SD cards when the 3DS is off.

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Would my download games be in my 2gb when I take it out? Will the games in the Home disappear?

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i would just get a bigger card, copy everything from the old card to the new one and add AC:NL. Saves a lot of hassle switching cards and helps to avoid wear and tear

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Yeah, true. How do I transfer my data to the new card?

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Yeah, that'd be better of getting a new SD card with bigger space.
If you have a laptop or a PC, look if there is two SD ports. Insert all the cards, it will ask you if you want to read files of both cards. Copy the content of your first card to the second one.
But I'm not sure if this will fully work because there may be some hidden files :/

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You can use multiple cards with the same 3DS without problems

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