Topic: Sandisk Gold or Lexar Platinum II 32GB SDHC for the 3DS

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Hello, I have a 3DS XL and I would like to upgrade to a 32GB SDHC Card, and I have been searching through the Forums, and everyone is saying that they would go with Sandisk because they trust them. In the 3DS XL, Nintendo included a 4GB Multi-Use Lexar SDHC Card. I looked at what SDHC Cards work with the 3DS XL on Nintendo's Support under "General Information," and I found out that Sandisk Gold and Lexar Platinum II were both available. I can't decide which one is better.

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The Sandisk card is better, and Sandisk is more reliable than Lexar as well.
You should be able to get a good card for at most, $40 at an electronics store.


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I've been one of the people propagating SanDisk SD Cards over their Lexar counterparts, mostly from personal experience. After ~9-10 months of use, I began running into read errors from an 8GB Lexar Card; occasionally, my 3DS would stop reading the Card and would even boot me from games I was playing if they were on my SD Card. I switched to a 32GB Class 4 SanDisk, and have yet to encounter the same problem.

If you're thinking about purchasing a card (and considering this thread, I'm guessing you are), you're in perhaps the best time of the year to do so, barring Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals. Most stores are running back-to-school sales right now, so you can probably get a good card for around $20, no more than $30 for a Class 10 one provided the sale is good. I think I got my current card for either $20 or $25 at this time last year.

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I've had so many problems with Lexar before. It's better to just go with SanDisk, they know how to make good SD Cards.

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