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Waltz, it's just an OPINION. At the end of the day, you should just enjoy the game. Mario Sports Mix got bad reviews but I enjoy it (as well as Mario Hoops 3-on-3).

For me, I never really got into the Dynasty games (hey, Samurai is simply the same gameplay concept- you CANNOT deny that). I found it funny how my cousin and brother criticized Pokemon for being 'repetitive', when Dynasty is FULL of it. Of course, Pokemon is obviously different from Samurai/Dynasty, but it's just wacky irony they think like that.

Reviews don't stop me from getting a game I would thoroughly enjoy. I'm sure you're still going to get it and hope you do enjoy the game. Even Pilotwings got 'ok' reviews and I'll still be getting that. Because frankly, I just DON'T care what others think (to an extent).

Now, if this was "FPS #951" then I may look into reviews. I honestly don't get games by WORD OF MOUTH, that doesn't fly with me. Nor do I get games because someone tells me to or it's 'in' because it's wacky tacky. I get games I KNOW I would like, regardless if a review gave it a low score or not. Yeh, I sound like a broken record, but it's only clarification. I do hope there's a demo come May so I can try it out and see, but really, my interest level is at 5% for this game.



Honestly, that review read more like a 7, 6 at the very lowest. I actually agree with Waltz on this one. Sure its not really the reviewer's cup of tea but it sounds pretty clear to me that the reviewer still can see it is a good game and that fans of the series will enjoy it despite his personal feelings on button mashers. a 5/10 tells me (and I assume many others) that there is some very serious flaw in the game that take away from the overall experience in a big way. Sounds to me like its just your average button mashing fighter that doesn't really do anything innovative or new but also doesn't seriously screw up in any facet. A game like that I think deserves a 7, not a 5.

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I agree with Waltz. The reviewer obviously does not give a flying monkey turd about the series, and it's clear from the tone that he went in with a negative attitude.

I don't generally go by reviews, because as has been mentioned, they are based on opinions. But it would be nice if he got his facts straight. There was no mention of the streetpass or dlc features either. Why not? Was he unable to test them, and if so, shouldn't he hold off on a review until he has been able to test the game fully?

Anyway, rant over. I've played a few of the Warriors titles in the past, some I liked, some I didn't. I think my favourite so far as been Strikeforce, because it was so well suited to the PSP - pick up, do a few quick missions, put away whilst on the bus or whatever. It also had excellent multiplayer and DLC too. From what I can gather, there is no multiplayer to Chronicles, but there is already DLC planned in the form of extra missions, so at least Tecmo Koei is putting some effort in here.



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