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Who remembers Rodea the Sky Soldier? The game made by legendary designer Yuji Naka. Plays similar to Nights, and Kid Icarus. Its back and we can cheer. Its also still coming to Wii and 3DS.

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That's good, I thought the game got cancelled, good to know it's coming to the Wii and 3DS

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@Kyloctopus do you know if it will be an Eshop game or will they offer a cartridge for this one on 3DS. I would get it either way but do prefer cartridges. This just looks to good to pass up.

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This game seriously looks great. I might have to buy both versions.



Loos promising.

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I can't find a silver medal in chapter 13(WiiU version).Does somebody knows where it is?

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@Randomname19 Ask here!

Also for the thread, just talk about the game in the link I posted, no reviving dead threads please.

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