Topic: Star Fox and Ocarina of Time: Retail or Digital?

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booker_steve wrote:

First off, hello everyone. Have been here for years but have never joined a forum before, thought it time to join in! Anyway, enough of that:

I noticed that the 3DS shop will have these "Classics with 3D makeovers", yet we all seem to assume that Zelda: OOT and Starfox are retail releases. Could it be these are indeed the first examples of these 3D make-overs? or am I just being silly. I look forward to your opinions.
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I assume it's retail because it's showcased with the other retail games.

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I don't know what bugs, because I never played the game. I just heard something about them claiming they weren't bugs, but features, as some excuse to leave them in the game, lol.


Marzipaz wrote:

Meaning we don't know if it's even possible for these more detailed than pixels games to be downloadable.

I think the 3DSiWare is perfectly capable of third-dimensional games, especially given that DSiWare does have third-dimensional games as downloadables.

On topic, I think it's more likely going retail, with my guess the price hovering around $25-$30. However, as mentioned before, it is certainly capable of hitting retail as well. If the Nintendo DSi is capable of third-dimensional games on the DSiWare, so can the 3DSiWare shop support third-dimensional games.

Note that by third-dimensional, I mean the visuals, not the effect that is making the system hitting news.

Edit: Before anyone say "But you don't take into the account that it's a remake!", I know that it is. However, neither is it a complete overhaul of either games.

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