Topic: Resident Evil The Mercenaries 3D has bad online

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@wiiver this method (in my opinion) is quite complex and don't understand completely. If anyone wants to write some bullets of this firewall DMZ thingy, then you're welcome


DMZ did **** for me, i don't think it's worth the trouble. waltzelf is right, it's mostly the game's problem, forwarding ports isn't going to magically solve it. DMZ also makes me nervous about using the internet browser since it removes a lot of security.

you don't have to keep the wireless off for 30 seconds to connect, 5 seconds will do. if you follow the advice i gave you don't even have to wait at all, just keep it off until you get to the internet screen, slide it on and you'll connect immediately. avoiding the failed to join session messages after that is where the real trouble is, i still have no clue why it happens. sometimes i'll fail twice in a row connecting to the same host but the third time works, other times the first try works with no problems, and sometimes i'll never join at all.

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@romulux ya even the way i used wasnt that helpful, may have to use your way.
I believe that Capcom will fix the problem ASAP


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