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Looking for anyone to team up on Revalations or mercs.also have kid icarus uprising and mario kart 7 (even though i wont play mario as much).My freind code is 2020 0149 name is HAZZARD on 3ds.also looking for freinds on skype who have these games.if you add me on skype(on contats)then add me with my skype name hazzard3ds.sorry for any missspellings.i am dyslexic.



If you're looking for our Revelations FC-trading thread, it's right here, and our Mercenaries FC-trading thread can be found here. If it's KI:U action you want, the FC-trading thread is here (and there's an active group in this thread here if you'd like to try joining in on their games), and the most active MK7 thread we've got is the Weekly Tournament thread here, I'm sure they'd love to have you join them too. Good luck! :3

future of NL >:3
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