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so I'm kinda getting confused by these, which is gonna come out first and when?

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Well, Mercenaries 3D is supposed to come out before Resident Evil Revelations.

Revelations is a 'full' fledged RE game where Mercenaries is multiplayer focused.

I'm kinda expecting Revelations to come out next year or towards the end.



I'd rather have multi-player and killing zombies in hordes, but when is Mercenaries gonna be released?

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@Underling - according to Amazon it says July 5....While I'm not 100% sure that date is accurate, I'm pretty sure that means it won't be a launch title. Streetfighter IV actually says March 27.

And yeah--Revelations is definitely coming out later than Mercs 3D.

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I knew about rev coming after mercs, but I'm kinda mad that the only shooter games are ghost recon and an old Splinter Cell

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Revelations better come out this year, because I'm not exactly looking forward to Mercanaries.
Then again.....If Mercs had a Vs Mode like in RE5 than I'd definitly change my tune.

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