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so...i got my repair order kit, mailing label and instruction sheet, but no invoice like I'm supposed to get, so I did the smart thing and called it in, got the order number.

now..heres where it gets..interesting.

my mailing address for the order got autocorrected to the wrong apartment number.

I did get that sorted out but thats not the issue here.

what happens if, because their computers clearly frakked up in this case, I hadnt called in and discovered this by complete happenstance?

if my order, on its return, got lost as a result, can someone tell me what the liability clauses are like? would nintendo be on the hook for loosing the system due to their own computers frakking up? cause, I know I specified the right mailing address..I've had several orders with nintendo previously, I doubt I gave the wrong information even by accident.

some guidance would be appreciated very much, as I cannot find anything on the website that would explain one way or the other.

thank you for your time.



Well, first, be glad you caught this mistake.

Second, if you could prove that the mistake was on Nintendo's end, then they are liable. You have the burden, though. Innocent until proven guilty and all that jazz.

Finally, are you sure you are entering your address correctly? I know your things will always get to where they need to go, but are you omitting information or giving too much? Check with the post office to see what your "official" address is and make amends if necessary.

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oh I can even prove what my address is, I have the original envelope the repair mailing kit came in, has the proper addressing..and I've got countless orders with other venders like amazon, complete with packing slips..WITH the proper address on them.

also, I forgot to mention a detail, I set up the order over the phone as the website system is...well it doesnt have the best reputation, that and I prefer humans for this kind of thing.

seen some real whoppers that come of auto correct when using web based forms to start orders ^^;



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