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Topic: Remember that mysterious "sound adventure" game Capcom was talking about?

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The game is called Nazo Waku Yakata and the prospect of it is very interesting.

It's a "sound adventure" game which is controlled by unconventional methods. You don't use the buttons, but rather the gyroscope to look around and also the microphone to speak to in-game characters.

More information can be read on here!

One thing that is very interesting is what they call "3D Audio". Capcom has summoned the use of Optophonics to produce very vivid 3D sound for the game. For a test of that 3D Audio, plug in a pair of headphones, crank up the volume and watch the trailer below.

It surprised me a whole lot, and hopefully you'll be surprised too!

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Not coming to America since it's Capcom ;)

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(Starts watching video) Hey, I'll bet it's way more impressive with headphones, but even with just my laptop's speakers I defenitely heard tha...
(Weird floaty man appears) What...the...crap?
(Women in bathing suits appear) Uh...um...
(M. Bison appears) Wh-what kind of game is this, exactly?
(Video ends) ...Uh, oookay...that's...interesting.

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I think the worst thing about this is that if it comes out I'll have to buy it.:P

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What is this magical 3D audio I just heard. Could it be that mythical technology they call "Surround Sound"?

But seriously, I must be missing something. This doesn't sound that impressive to me. The game itself looks interesting though.

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what the heck did I just watch?.... lol. This game looks very interesting.

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Color me interested.

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...Looks like a creepy version of WarioWare...

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