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Article From Xbitlabs :

Interesting, could just be a guess or a mistake, but at the bottom of the page it says"
"Nintendo 3DS – the world’s first handheld console with stereoscopic 3D screen – is projected to be released later this year."
Of course this doesn't mean anything- it could just be their interpretation of the release window, meaning it could be released next year.

To each his own.


this site has a video rendered solely by the DMP pica200 chip in the 3DS, meaning that this is a good reference for how good the graphics on the 3DS will be:

lameness of the content itself aside, that really backs up the "it's better than the wii" impressions from E3. it even backs up the "almost as good as the PS3" rumors.

EDIT: i see the same video is in your link, huey. whatever, the more the merrier

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