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Does the regionlock affect playing local / Online multiplayer?

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no,region locked is like if u get a usa 3ds and go to europe,buy a game it wont work on the usa is a completely diffrent thing you just have the same game and you could play.
in mario kart wii and ssbb,you could pay worldwide.but region lock doesnt affect it

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Attempting to access a foreign game on the 3DS will result in failiure due to the Region Lock protection.

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Just in case this is what you were wanting to know:

The local and wifi multiplayer modes should theoretically be possible between systems from different regions regardless of any region locking of the software, however if it is possible with the hardware (and it was with the DS, hence why I say should) it is down to the software developers to make it happen on a game by game basis.

Sometimes a developer might not want European players playing against NA players because there are differences in the versions of the game that make them incompatible (changes they may have had to make during the submission process for bugs found in one region that were not found in the other), or also beacause it can slow down the submission process as Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe then have to test 2 versions of the game each and ensure they are compatible.

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Sylverstone wrote:

3DS games are region-locked, so if you try to access a European game with a North American 3DS, it won't work at all.

[This!...Except, most games may be playable on a 3DS from another region but the WiFi features might not be able to be played, Like Pokemon B&W which is a DS/DSi game but still]

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